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    On these pages, we pay tribute to Professor Shoup’s 41 years of teaching at UCLA.

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  • Honoring a Legacy

    The UCLA Luskin community, and more than a few “Shoupistas,” came together to celebrate Shoup at a May 30 event.

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Bernardo PereiraSubsidiar estacionamento automóvel não ajuda a economia local. Muito pelo contrário: aprendam com @DonaldShoup em… https://t.co/iBcbKLP6FW13 hours ago
EV WORLD.COMLooking for parking? UCLA Prof. Donald Shoup lists apps that can help. https://t.co/As6aaBtzu11 day ago
Get ParkPlusAs @DonaldShoup would say... there is no such thing as #freeparking (sorry #Chicago!) #Shoupism https://t.co/TRcxYTks1N3 days ago
mike 🏰👨Every once in a while, market-based pricing actually works. https://t.co/1ZOBZOKhKw (via @DonaldShoup) https://t.co/QGnzy9j0cv3 days ago
ruangkotaThe latest Korannya Ruang Kota Pekalongan! https://t.co/xXXyzYWN4T Thanks to @DonaldShoup @LuqmanWrites @walkplace #cities #travel4 days ago
Mark W. TaylorThis! As self-driving cars (and car sharing) become real - we need to rethink how & what we build @DonaldShoup @DLBA https://t.co/7S3t3rcn8p4 days ago
Brian Ray JamesTrader Joe's Parking Lots May Seem Overcrowded, But Parking Expert Donald Shoup Says Reconsider - CityLab #cities https://t.co/pm60AQl8uF5 days ago
Asbury Park, NJWhy Trader Joe's Crowded Parking Lots Are a Blessing, Not a Curse https://t.co/wFzdWDOxPE5 days ago
Bobby PeppeyParking minimums increase the cost of affordable housing. https://t.co/2XK70ClSl0 @SAJE_ShiftPower @UNIDAD_SLA @thaicdc @MitchOFarrell5 days ago
Cmmrcl Dstrt AdvisorTrader Joe's leads the way in lowering parking minimums near retail @CityLab https://t.co/rzjV9JkzHk6 days ago
Andrew NotarianTrader Joe's Parking Lots. You know what I'm talking about. https://t.co/jmoFNdEHSJ6 days ago
Greg SmithAs someone who loves Trader Joe's and walking, I wish more (and Canadian) grocery stores took this approach. https://t.co/Kl6ksk02rS7 days ago
Mountain MetroWhy Trader Joe's Crowded Parking Lots Are a Blessing, Not a Curse https://t.co/jiuXkraP5q1 week ago
Sparc DesignInteresting perspective on the small, frustrating parking lot at Trader Joe's. It just might be saving you... https://t.co/ZL4tWm3ib11 week ago
Gian DelsoWhy Trader Joe's Crowded Parking Lots Are a Blessing, Not a Curse https://t.co/i92qaUFeYV #retailleanstrategies1 week ago
Kit O'ConnellWhy Trader Joe's Crowded Parking Lots Are a Blessing, Not a Curse https://t.co/r8Mi4TIQWa1 week ago
David DanielMost of the time our frustrations come from expectation Change perspectives, life becomes easier #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/Ho4dcO5di71 week ago
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