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Taras Grescoe"It's unfair to have cities where parking is free for cars and housing is expensive for people." —Amen,… https://t.co/kNnmy8PbNs15 mins ago
Taras Grescoe"You'll never be homeless in America—if you're a car." At any one time, there are a half *billion* empty parking s… https://t.co/Rm9Oo9bvJ133 mins ago
ConstituentsPublic transit ridership continues to decline, yet folks like @DonaldShoup still push for less parking. Matching it… https://t.co/yltc1QXSQC3 hours ago
Bjorn De Vriese700 pagina’s parkeerplezier en een gin tonic om het wat door te spoelen! 😎📓🍸 #highcostoffreeparking @DonaldShoup https://t.co/6wRqjHd0js6 hours ago
Autonomous LawLooking forward to getting copy of Parking and The City, by Donald Shoup. First 97 pages here. (Yay!) Still very di… https://t.co/fH2GJPJjUn23 hours ago
Reinventing Transport/ParkingThe Preview PDF of "Parking and the City" is a free download. @DonaldShoup's amazing 55-page introduction is a mus… https://t.co/JhRLOV0tae1 day ago
Susan ChapelleI've only read the preview and I want this book. Thank you @DonaldShoup from a scared of parking municipal politici… https://t.co/Zf6Q5X5r741 day ago
Dennis A V DittrichRT @DonaldShoup: Preview PDF of Parking and the City: https://t.co/7YUOiO5dLe1 day ago
Martin van der Maas"Op veel stedelijke plekken is de werkelijke marktprijs van een parkeerplaats hoger dan die van de auto die erop staat" (Donald Shoup)2 days ago
Scott CorrellThis is a bit long, but worth a read! Essentially a good primer for The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup.3 days ago
Wylie H DallasRetweeted IFPedestrians (@IFPedestrians): "Most people in transportation focus on the five percent of the time tha… https://t.co/lJViAksQT84 days ago
IFPedestrians"Most people in transportation focus on the five percent of the time that cars are moving. But the average car is p… https://t.co/VhEYpGiZ264 days ago
Rafał TrzeciakowskiTyler Cowen o ekonomii parkowania: - Znieść wymogi liczby miejsc parkingowych - Dostosować opłaty za parkowanie by… https://t.co/ezNlfpX2Gr5 days ago
Chris RamsborgThis should be an interesting followup to The High Cost of Free Parking. I look forward to reading the latest from… https://t.co/CBzdvi3sos6 days ago
alex block1. I’m excited for a new Shoup parking opus 2. The price of the new book is absurd! 3. The MR comments here are aw… https://t.co/1A2qjxMI0L6 days ago
Otis WhiteHow #parking turns conservatives into communists and why parking requirements are like dark energy: Yes, Don Shoup… https://t.co/25CKaXi3226 days ago
Carlo Stagnaro*Parking and the City*, edited by Donald Shoup https://t.co/6RDa0sZmm0 cc @ramella_f @giudefilippi @elefai82 @FLuccisano7 days ago
UCLA TransportationParking diets for healthier cities from @UCLA Professor Donald Shoup https://t.co/hQCUu13Okm via @cnupublicsquare. https://t.co/zXCmu1esRX7 days ago
Nitin PaiHere’s my favourite topic in public policy - parking! Donald Shoup has an edited volume out. “Parking and the City” https://t.co/LeklmpXxH41 week ago
E7 InvestmentsThe best public policies for parking in cities: Donald Shoup - Marginal REVOLUTION: https://t.co/EoAnmRENRe1 week ago
Žiga TurkTrije dobri predlogi za to, kako urediti parkiranje. https://t.co/CVujWOysh9 #topworld #feedly1 week ago
david panagore#parking another Shoup moment. Come for the Shoup, stay for the thread. https://t.co/7lqKQ8xgLk1 week ago
TerrellGroup*Parking and the City*, edited by Donald Shoup https://t.co/Lv9ewTyw8E https://t.co/ED0dZORYIS1 week ago
Equal Pay ActFrom #Reddit: *Parking and the City*, edited by Donald Shoup via /r/Economics https://t.co/yvAaddJ2l91 week ago
Richard Florida.@tylercowen on @DonaldShoup & the economics of parking & cities .... https://t.co/uG1sQoVYTx1 week ago
OccuWorld ❌*Parking and the City*, edited by Donald Shoup https://t.co/rIR6YJGBQP1 week ago
Zhan GuoParking and the City by Don Shoup https://t.co/uM3xkPPTBG1 week ago
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