• Celebrating Donald Shoup

    On these pages, we pay tribute to Professor Shoup’s 41 years of teaching at UCLA.

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  • Honoring a Legacy

    The UCLA Luskin community, and more than a few “Shoupistas,” came together to celebrate Shoup at a May 30 event.

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Streetline, Inc.Interesting new post from @DonaldShoup #parkingmatters https://t.co/KIC7bpHDOp6 hours ago
Eugene Parking SvcsAugmented Reality, Poetry, & Parking - Say What?! Pls join us Fri, 12/15 @ 10am for Step into [AR] Poetry @ Overpar… https://t.co/GldOkIVvOl10 hours ago
Patrick Siegman“Most academics cannot imagine anything less interesting to study than #parking, so I was a bottom feeder.” — Donal… https://t.co/uy3HLwxMXu1 day ago
Jeffrey TumlinBecause the reason we charge for parking is to make it easy to find a space And the right price is always the lowes… https://t.co/23Sg1dx5Dw1 day ago
Ross DuckhamSILVER BULLET? Shared #parking cuts #traffic and hakes #housing affordable https://t.co/qZN0yN2U4l CC @DonaldShoup https://t.co/p2ljL4CioG1 day ago
#VisionZero CanadaMy man @georgeintraffic talks #DutchJunction design, with HTs to @mobycon @altaplanning & @DonaldShoup (inter alia)… https://t.co/KO0dTQqKNx2 days ago
Two left-turn lanes in a village center?A recurring dream: @Lin_Manuel takes The High Cost of Free Parking (@DonaldShoup) on his next vacation. https://t.co/LrCATYmSSG2 days ago
Nat M. ZorachTFW u at a Christmas party talking about @DonaldShoup and suddenly @rethinkdetroit shows up and you keep talking about Donald Shoup3 days ago
Mark AllertonIn case you are unfamiliar with the gospel according to Donald Shoup, this is a good intro. https://t.co/QtIq5jyiUQ3 days ago
Benek MarianDonald Shoup, The High Cost of Free Parking – Steve Reads https://t.co/uIplYA9O9u5 days ago
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