• Celebrating Donald Shoup

    On these pages, we pay tribute to Professor Shoup’s 41 years of teaching at UCLA.

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  • Honoring a Legacy

    The UCLA Luskin community, and more than a few “Shoupistas,” came together to celebrate Shoup at a May 30 event.

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Steve MouzonThe Original Green Daily is out! https://t.co/V4Sg14y0JD Stories via @DonaldShoup @NEXTSTL @EastTown4 hours ago
Christine LaurenceThe high cost of free parking - with guest appearance by Donald Shoup. https://t.co/AqIshwod8n20 hours ago
ArchopeLibre Mercado o Estacionamiento Libre | Donald Shoup | Cato Unbound https://t.co/TRRdyqKBXJ vía @salvolomas1 day ago
Shift Development#Portland market has proven lower #parkingrequirements = more (& more affordable) housing. QED? Paging @DonaldShoup https://t.co/AzhhRAcqvW2 days ago
City ObservatoryIf you can't read Don Shoup's 900 page book, read this cartoon explaining how charging for parking really works. https://t.co/4VxcQekd0f1 week ago
bkthe two most pure accounts on this website are Chelsea Manning and Donald Shoup1 week ago
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