• Celebrating Donald Shoup

    On these pages, we pay tribute to Professor Shoup’s 41 years of teaching at UCLA.

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  • Honoring a Legacy

    The UCLA Luskin community, and more than a few “Shoupistas,” came together to celebrate Shoup at a May 30 event.

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Mayors InnovationHow is your city addressing #parking and #roadrage? Donald Shoup argues that free parking induces violence as drive… https://t.co/jIRtrVza7D7 hours ago
Tim DavisAs @DonaldShoup stated: "Is congestion pricing fair? Consider the alternative." Criticisms of priced roads ("they h… https://t.co/FVWPtw5HLV22 hours ago
Sustainable Transportation & Livable CommunitiesEconomist Donald Shoup collects reports of violence that erupts over parking spaces. To him, disputes between drive… https://t.co/EA0da7EStN23 hours ago
Big Blue BusThis is why we are fans of riding public transportation. Thanks @DonaldShoup, who was an early champion of our… https://t.co/YlMN17UYPf1 day ago
Elise StolteI was writing about parking and this landed in my inbox... “You don’t get murders over Coke bottles or t-shirts,”… https://t.co/v8eoLQm47C2 days ago
Shant | Շանթ 🇦🇲🏳️‍🌈I found two hours of free parking in Downtown Los Angeles. Forgive me, Donald Shoup. https://t.co/pr0m5AJrdD2 days ago
Fran JordánDonald Shoup: "Land is expensive for housing but it's free for parking". Tenemos un problema.1 week ago
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