• Celebrating Donald Shoup

    On these pages, we pay tribute to Professor Shoup’s 41 years of teaching at UCLA.

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  • Honoring a Legacy

    The UCLA Luskin community, and more than a few “Shoupistas,” came together to celebrate Shoup at a May 30 event.

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KJ Hansmann, MD, MPHPrioritizing people over cars in #UrbanPlanning! Here's another great example of using policy to tackle housing ins… https://t.co/wUUKTqX4xX1 day ago
Market Urbanism ReportI did a Facebook Group poll asking people who their favorite urbanist is. Results weren't close (no surprise), but… https://t.co/agDZBMTHXb1 day ago
Alex FischCome see Dr. Donald Shoup, discuss dynamic parking pricing and its potential benefits to our community. Thursday, A… https://t.co/4fJtf8rV5f2 days ago
Angie SchmittBonus. @AdamRuins is also a big urbanist who loves @DonaldShoup https://t.co/Nf0bd2Mmhk2 days ago
Lindsay Banks BayleyGetting compliments on our presentation from THE @DonaldShoup was a professional highlight of #NPC19. with… https://t.co/02Ugx6g1Iu2 days ago
City of Culver CityWhat can be gained by reforming parking policies? Join us for a discussion with UCLA professor @DonaldShoup as we k… https://t.co/8PFkHj6Xig2 days ago
Colin Brown“Parking has become a religion. If parking is a religion, I’m a Protestant, and believe it’s time for a reformation… https://t.co/znNH1q8zor5 days ago
CourtenayIf we want more housing and less traffic, then why do we limit housing density and require more parking? - Don Shoup, #NPC195 days ago
Tom HolubYou know you’re in a room of planning geeks when a mention of Don Shoup gets a reflexive cheer. #NPC195 days ago
Xiang 'Jacob' YanFun fact: Edward Glaeser, an iconic urban economist, only follows one person on ResearchGate--Donald Shoup. And Sho… https://t.co/KY6DSzFEH71 week ago
Mali Ilse Paquin"Land is extremely expensive for housing but it's free for parking, and you wonder why we have a problem?" UCLA urb… https://t.co/pr0cEcbi0p1 week ago
Donald BaxterGreg Shill is taking off where Donald Shoup left off! https://t.co/iUkgbWNmkV1 week ago
Roger L. CauvinAnd economist Donald Shoup agrees with you. He favors elimination of parking minimums and not the imposition of max… https://t.co/Up0NSUE9vn1 week ago
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