Proposals for parking, zoning and fiscal reforms, and the papers to back them up.

Parking Reforms

Use demand-based prices for curb parking to create one or two open spaces on every block

Use the revenue from curb parking to finance public services on the metered blocks

Remove minimum parking requirements

Offer commuters the option to cash out their employer-paid parking subsidies

Use demand-based prices to manage parking on university campuses

Use campus parking revenue to finance university transit-pass programs

Use parking fines that increase with each successive offense to discourage repeat violators

Offer discounts at parking meters for residents, small cars and low-emissions vehicles

Make better use of space in parking garages and around large lots

Zoning Reforms

Allow higher density on larger sites to encourage land assembly

Remove minimum parking requirements

Fiscal Reforms

Require property owners to repair broken sidewalks when they sell their property

Allow property owners to defer paying special assessments until a property is sold

Return congestion toll revenue to the cities where it is collected

Use the revenue from on-street parking to finance local public services